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Sometimes the most serious injuries we can suffer occur to parts of our bodies we cannot see.  This is certainly true in the case of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and spinal cord injuries. When the brain or spinal cord are injured, a person’s mobility and independence can be irreparably impacted.  This can lead to astronomical amounts of medical expenses and treatment costs, home healthcare costs, lost wages and lost future earnings, and loss of enjoyment of life (to name a few expenses and injuries).

Spinal cord injuries and TBI can occur in any serious personal injury incident, including:

  • Car and motorcycle crashes;
  • Truck crashes;
  • Slips-and-falls or trips-and-falls;
  • Violent attacks by another; and
  • Other types of personal injury accidentes (such as bicycle and pedestrian accidentes, etc.).

Douglass & Runger, Licenciados en Leyes, understands the pain and difficulty that can accompany these serious injuries are is committed to helping you obtain compensation for your injuries so that you can focus on your or your loved one’s recovery and health.

Signs of Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury is most often seen in slips-and-falls where the victim lands on his or her back. They are also prevalent in vehicular crashes. Signs that a person has suffered a spinal cord injury include:


      • Difficulty walking;
      • Inability to control the bladder or bowels;
      • Unable to control his or her extremities;
      • A spreading “tingling” or numb sensation  that goes to the extremities; and
      • Periods of unconsciousness or headaches.

Signs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can mimic many of the signs of a spinal cord injury but can also include:


  • Difficulty keeping one’s balance;
  • Trouble speaking or concentrating;
  • Anxiety and/or depression;
  • Loss of senses, especially the sense of smell and/or sight;
  • Periods of anger and irritability; and
  • Vomiting.

    There are three main types of traumatic brain injuries. Any one type can result in serious, life-threatening injuries:

    • Puncture injuries occur when some object damages the brain by puncturing the skull and brain cavity;
    • Acceleration/deceleration or “whiplash” injuries occur when the head is moved violently about in a back and forth motion, causing the brain to literally collide into the brain cavity and skull. A person’s head being thrown forward and then backwards in a car crash is an example of this type of TBI
    • Blunt force injuries occur when some object (like a baseball bat or board) striking the head of another individual. This also covers situation in which a falling object strikes a person’s own head.

    TBIs range in severity from mild to severe, depending on the nature of the damage caused. While not as serious as a severe TBI, a mild TBI can still result in serious and potentially permanent injuries. The quicker that an individual can be provided with medical attention, the better the chances are that the damage caused by the TBI will be temporary in nature.

    When Another Person is Responsible for My TBI or Spinal Cord Injuries

    A TBI or spinal cord injury can create a large financial burden for the victim as well as the victim’s family. Medical expenses are likely to be ongoing in nature, especially if the injuries are permanent. It is not uncommon for some severe TBI injury victims to require hundreds of thousands of dollars’ (if not more) of home healthcare services over the course of their lifetimes.

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