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Most of us have exceeded the speed limit at one point or another.  Perhaps we were late for school or work and were desperately trying to get to our destination as quickly as possible. Or, perhaps we simply were not paying attention to the speedometer until it was too late. Regardless of the cause, we know that speeding results in expensive traffic tickets.

Most individuals who receive a traffic ticket for speeding will simply pay the ticket and move on. They may mistakenly believe that the cost of paying the speeding ticket is not worth the cost and expense of fighting the ticket. Before you make this decision, consult with Douglass & Runger, Licenciados en Leyes, to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Consequences of a Speeding Ticket

When you are convicted of a speeding offense in Tennessee – whether at a trial or because you “admit guilt” by paying the ticket – there are consequences greater than simply the costs you must pay for the ticket. Depending on the speed at which you were traveling and the posted speed limit, you may experience a sharp rise in your insurance premiums. If you have been convicted of a sufficient number of traffic violations in the past, you may find that your driving privileges are suspended or revoked. You can also find it difficult or impossible to obtain a commercial driver’s license.

It is important, therefore, to carefully consider the true “costs” of paying a speeding ticket or refusing to fight such a ticket. The consequences of that ticket can be must more severe and/or long-reaching than you initially think.

Defenses to a Speeding Ticket

AHiring a defense attorney to help you with your speeding ticket may seem like money wasted at first. However, your defense attorney can assist you in having your speeding charge reduced or perhaps even dismissed altogether. This can minimize or eliminate many of the negative consequences of a speeding conviction.

People who represent themselves in court come prepared with little more than a story to defend themselves and their interests. They recite the circumstances of the speeding incident and perhaps give a reason as to why they were speeding. Unfortunately, speeding is an offense that does not require a “guilty mind” or intention to commit it – the fact that you were speeding is enough to convict you.

If a trial is necessary, however, there are several viable defenses that your defense attorney can explore. These include:

Challenging the accuracy of the officer’s equipment.

Most police agencies utilize a Doppler radar system to track the speed of cars. This system must be routinely calibrated and checked for accuracy in order to assure a court that its results are accurate. Even when properly calibrated, the speed indicated by the radar unit may not be a vehicle’s true speed. These facts, if present in your case, can result in the reduction or dismissal of your speeding charge.

An officer who does not use equipment.

While uncommon, some officers may try to cite individuals for speeding by relying on their eyes: they will say the vehicle “appeared” to be exceeding the speed limit. Our eyes, while fascinating parts of our bodies, are not the sort of instrument well-suited for making accurate determinations of the speed of vehicles.

Challenging a stop on a busy road:

Some Doppler units do not clearly indicate to police officers which speed belongs to which vehicle. A crowded roadway in which there are multiple vehicles close together traveling in the same direction can make it difficult for the officer to indicate what vehicle was speeding.

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