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If you hold a commercial driver’s license (abbreviated as CDL), a speeding ticket is much more than an inconvenience – it can threaten your livelihood. CDL holders’ licenses are subject to revocation, cancellation, or suspension if they accumulate too many tickets in a designated period of time. Beyond this, employers of CDL drivers may have their own internal policies that require them to terminate any CDL driver who obtains a speeding conviction or other traffic ticket.

Have you been cited for speeding while a CDL holder? Protect your license and your way of life by contacting the Memphis CDL speeding defense law firm Douglass & Runger, Licenciados en Leyes, right away.  The sooner you act, the better your chances are to avoid the harsh penalties and other consequences of a CDL speeding offense.

Why are CDL Holders Treated Differently?

It may not seem fair, but many states as well as the federal government view commercial drivers differently than regular motorists. This is because commercial drivers are often responsible for transporting large, dangerous loads across the nation’s highways or safely delivering dozens of people from one place to another. This requires more care and skill – and a greater dedication to safety – than a regular motorist is required to possess. When a commercial driver demonstrates unsafe driving habits through actions such as speeding, the qualifications of that driver to continue operating commercial vehicles is called into question.

Whereas some jurisdictions are able to work with regular motorists to keep speeding charges off of their driving records, federal laws strongly discourage this practice. A local jurisdiction may also have a strong policy toward CDL holders that puts a commercial driver charged with speeding in a situation in which he or she must accept the speeding conviction and face the consequences thereof or he or she must fight the charge and hope for a favorable outcome.

How Can I Defeat My Speeding Ticket?

Challenging your “intent” or “reason” for speeding is not a viable defense: if you exceeded the speed limit, you can be found guilty of speeding regardless of the reason you had for speeding. However, there are several avenues that your defense attorney can explore with you that can reduce or eliminate the consequences of a conviction for speeding. These include:

Negotiating with the prosecution.

Prosecutors have a great deal of discretion to amend (or change) charges from one charge to another. A defense attorney can work with the prosecutor assigned to your case to see if such an arrangement can be worked out. A defense attorney may point to your stellar driving record or your financial situation as a way of negotiating a more favorable outcome.

Challenging the equipment of the law enforcement officer.

The law enforcement officer who pulled you over likely did so because his or her radar indicated that you were traveling too fast. These radars are not infallible and must be checked and serviced routinely in order for them to maintain their accuracy. A radar that has not been properly maintained or checked for accuracy may indicate an inaccurate speed.

Review of the facts of the case.

A review of the officer’s statements and his or her “car cam” video may clearly indicate that he or she did not stop the right vehicle. An experienced defense attorney will know what to look for and listen for when reviewing video and audio evidence and will know if your stop is not supported by the facts.

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